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regarding water tanks, as per the Master Water Specialist John Woodward.
Storage Tanks To Store Wastewater

Wastewater isn’t only an unpleasant situation in the bathroom. It is the water that drains washing machines as well as dishwashers. Shower soap is washing away. This is the soapy liquid utilized to clean cars. Also known as “gray water” which can be found in nail salons, hair stores, restaurants, garages and laundry laundromats.

Following comes “black” wastewater resulting from unpleasant bathroom scenarios. It is different from the “gray water” and needs to be taken care of in a separate container. This tank is designed and lined with glass which is fused with steel to ensure that the acidic content of the wastewater doesn’t corrode the tank.

How is wastewater treated

There are many options to make wastewater more hygienic for reuse. The solids, sands and sludge is removed. After the water has been clean, whether biologically or chemically the water is then filtered once further and then is deemed acceptable for reuse.

Municipal waste tanks are large. They’re usually elevated over the ground, and they have pumps, similar to water tanks. The tanks are made of materials that will not deteriorate regardless of the conditions. This is why Mr. Woodward’s water tank explanations are related to the issue of wastewater.