What to Know About Buying Steak – Shopping Networks

Store, there are many alternatives to select among. Most likely the hardest section to navigate is the meat section. If you’re not sure of what to look for in the top grade meat, this can be very true. If you’re making meat, there are a number of factors to take into consideration.

Here are some good ways to buy a nice steak.

1. Grade

If you’re acquainted with USDA, then you know it’s the choice and prime is the commodity. Beef can be graded based on maturation and marbling. This provides it with tenderness and flavor as well as its juiciness.

2. Aging

In order to become soft and acquire distinctive flavor, meat must be aged at least 4 weeks.

3. Cuts

No matter what cut of steak you’re purchasing be sure to take into consideration the cuts. It’s crucial to recognize what cuts to avoid before making your decision. Pick a steak that has an inch and a half thickness.

4. Fat

It is also important to check at the fat of the steak. It’s bright red and makes for great steak. Although they look attractive but you’ll need to chew more. The process of marbling gives you the finest-tasting steak.