What Exactly Is DTF Printing? – Infomax Global

ditional silkscreen prints. There are a few things you should know about DTF-printers.

1. It is essential to be equipped with the appropriate equipment

It is likely that you are aware of how important quality is in the printing business you work for. This is true, especially with regards to DTF printing. And just like other processes that use heat you need to purchase the best printer and press for better result.

2. Use an Adhesive Wisely

When you print images on cold peel film, it cannot be immediately transferred onto the fabric. In order to make your image fit for the fabric, you will require an adhesive.

3. No pre-treatment is required.

One advantage that comes with DTF printers is that the garments don’t require any pre-treatment for the transfer to allow it. The process can be streamlined as well as reduce costs. DTF printing is done quickly and requires very little time and effort.

4. Versatile

Printing directly to the fabric, the possibilities may be limited. DTF printing can be utilized for a wide range of textiles, including silk, cotton, polyester, silk and leather. n7wci289x9.