What Does the First Week of Kindergarten Look Like? – Rochester Magazine

She also discusses how she is organizing activities for her first week. She goes over classroom settings guidelines for walking in the classroom, access to the restroom and where she can go in the cafeteria. These will be covered for about two weeks as she’s convinced that her students have learned how to behave.

She also plans simple coloring pages to help children be taught how to perform a task. The first day of the program, she has them sketch a portrait of themselves and learn how make use of scissors in cutting out the objects. There are activities that they can do to develop fine motor skills using tracing, cutting and cutting.

The teacher is provided with an activity page with crayons. They also talk to students about the proper methods to use crayons as well as how to take care of the crayons. The kids will read David Goes to School after which they make the craft. They learn about how they should behave in the school bus and what is the difference between polite and rude behavior. Learning activities involve learning alphabets and numbers, recognizing the foreign language, as well as learning the proper way to complete a task. Beginning in the first weeks of the kindergarten year, students learn how to create art, and also play with play dough. Also, they set objectives and begin reading books. They’ll be introduced to classes in social studies later on in the school year.