What Are the Benefits of Private Schools? – Skyline Newspaper

Private schools can provide many benefits parents love having their kids attend. Learn more about advantages offered by private schools.

One of the main benefits of private schools is their rate of graduation. In California where public schools are located, the High School graduation rate is 83%. The private high school graduation rate is 100%. Furthermore, more pupils who attend private high schools go on to university for four years than those who attend public schools.

The second benefit of private schools is their test grades. Students who graduate from private schools are three times more on the ACT than those who attended public schools. This test taken by high school students to establish their eligibility for admission to college.

Another advantage to private schools, whether it be private preschools as well as private elementary schools or private middle schools, are the smaller classes. Private schools are home to classes that have an average of between 12 and 15 students. Your child will get more personal assistance and care than if they were in an institution with more than 30 students.

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