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The top 5 accessories to use for the Utility Trainer

1. Wheel Chocks

They are used to prevent the trailer’s rollaway if it’s not connected on the automobile.

2. Tongue box

This is used to store small items and tools and can be secured to the utility trailer.

3. Trailer Locks

It’s important for you to have the ability to lock the trailer, the coupler and safety chains in order to prevent from theft.

4. Rear Jack Stands

Bolted onto the frame, they stabilize the rear of the utility trailer when it is extended. The process of loading and unloading cargo gets easier and safer, especially when the trailer is not fixed to the vehicle.

5. Jack Stand Casters

This allows you to move the trailer around without needing to raise it off the ground. The trailer can be moved by using an jack foot.

These accessories improve the utility that utility trailers offer. The parts can be purchased through the web, or from the hardware store in your area.