HR Basics and The Benefits That Matter to You – Kingdom Gold

According to the video’s narrator according to the narration, employee benefits include additional benefits to a base salary or hourly wage. An employer may provide an employee with benefits such as health insurance, or savings.

The narrator explains that benefits may be separated into mandatory and voluntary benefits. Benefits that are mandatory include social security as well as worker’s comp (compensation for accidents) also unemployment (protecting employees from job losses), and family and medical leave (provision of non-paid time off for conditions including chronic diseases such as pregnancy, chronic conditions, etc. ).

In addition, from 2015, employers were mandated by law of the federal government to pay attention for the health of employees as part of the Affordable Health Care Act. Affordable Health Care Act covers healthcare for those who are not insured by their employers insurance or any other private plan.

Employers could offer benefits on a voluntary basis for employees. However, they may also be provided voluntarily. Benefits offered by voluntary means comprise dental insurance, life insurance, paid leaves as well as employee assistance programs. leaves benefits, educational benefits as well as long or short-term disability as well as wellness programs and retirement savings.