How to Start a Career in Orthodontics – Business Success Tips

Healthier and more confident. Orthodontists employ various treatments such as braces to align patients’ jaws and teeth, giving them confidence in their smiles and also preventing problems with their health in the future. This video explains the steps you must follow to become an orthodontist.

For you to be an orthodontist, it is necessary that it is first necessary to be an dentist. You must first earn your bachelor’s degree in order to become a student at a dental institute. There is no requirement the qualifications of a scientist or health professional to get into dental schools. There are some courses which you should take, however, you are able to major in art, history, political science, or anything else!

You will then apply to dental school , and you will attend for the duration of four years. After four years, you will apply to a residency in orthodontics. In addition, you’ll be exposed to other specialties over the period of four years. There is the option of choosing not to study certain specialties to become a dentist.

The orthodontic residency takes between 2 to 3 year. Following the completion of your residency, you may continue to pursue fellowships or residencies to become more specialized, or start practicing orthodontics! You can view the video below for further details.