How to Fix a Clay Sewer Pipe – Family Magazine

D. This video shows how to fix the sewer line that is made from clay.

First, find the fracture. You might be digging in the backyard to work on a job, when you discover the fracture. Additionally, you’ll have to own an image camera with an excellent grasp of the layout of the pipe in case you’re not lucky. If you spot it, you will need to investigate the site to reveal the broken pipe.

Use a diamond cutter to cut off the jagged edges from the pipes. Make use of a sander or diamond cutter to smoothen the freshly cut edges. Determine the distance between the ends of the pipe by using an appropriate ruler. Go to your hardware store and get rubber seals that match the diameter of your drainage pipe. Buy PVC pipe that is at minimum as large as the length of the space between the two ends.

Fit the PVC pipe in between the rubber seals. This will be an interim solution and can be used while the drainage expert repairs your system. To learn more and to learn more, watch the above video.