How to Do Basic Water Heater Repair – Home Improvement Tax

The cost can be very high which is why it’s important to know the fundamentals of repairs yourself. A Youtube clip ” Electric Water Heater Repair in Minutes: Step by Step” provides an example of the things you can accomplish at home. We’ll take a look.

If you’re facing one of your water heaters that’s not heating anything up it could be an issue with one of the coils. For a quick check that it’s not heating, you must open the unit and check. The first step is to go to the panel that controls the switch for water heaters and turn it off. You can also unplug it, but it’s safer to take precautions. Depending on the water heater you are using, it will be necessary to pull off the sides and the top on your tank so that you can see what is going on.

If you are able to open the plate, you have to take out the insulation there will be a plastic cover, which also has to be removed. If you can see the wires, you can take a voltmeter or tester to check whether they’re working. It is evident that there plenty of moisture in the area when you remove the bottom panel.

For further information regarding repair of your water heater, you are able to watch the rest of the video.