How to Add a World to Your Bedrock Edition Server – On Top Web Search

Ternal worlds can be downloaded via the internet, realms or in single player environments. For those who aren’t acquainted of the bedrock server hosting process, uploading a new world may be a hassle. To add a new world the players must confirm they’ve set the server up to Bedrock Edition. It’s as simple as this:

The narrator of the video, players who wish to download the world online must ensure that they download them from reputable websites. After that, the player should download the world and transfer it to the appropriate folder. When uploading the world the first thing players should take is to stop their server. Following that, the user should make use of a file management program like FileZilla, to open the document they downloaded, and then copy it into one folder.

Then they should place the world in the folder titled “/worlds” in the File Manager. The player should wait for the world’s upload to finish. Then, the player must confirm that all files in the folder have been uploaded, so that the world can function as well as prevent the game from working.