How Does Emergency Bail Work? – Asia Travel Blog

Ise, like an emergency medical situation, which demands that the defendant be released from custody right away. This is for emergency bail to be employed.

This bail option allows the defendant to be released from their custody prior to the bail hearing and without needing to attend a court hearing to determine. If the defendant suffers with a medical problem or other family crisis that needs immediate attention, this bail can come in handy.

To obtain bail for the accused, they or their family member must make contact with a bail bondman, who will help them post bail. Bail bondsmen will demand an amount of money, which is typically a percentage of the total bail sum. In exchange the bail bondman will pay the entire bail amount on behalf of the defendant.

It is important to note that bail for emergencies isn’t secured and is at the judgment of the judge. The defendant must also have any valid reason to require bail, like an illness or family crisis that needs their immediate attention. The court can reject bail applications. If this happens it is necessary for them to be present at the bail hearing before being released.