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Inform your insurance company about your damages to the insurance company. If you choose to hire professionals, without contacting your insurance company beforehand They may not accept to take care of the loss. Your representative will be assigned by the insurance provider will help guide you through the claims procedure.

You’ll be able to send the images you’ve taken of the damage when you file your claim. This will speed up the claim process. If the damage is serious then your insurance provider may dispatch an adjuster to evaluate the extent of the damage on your own. You may also be given information on emergency repair companies in your region.

It could take some time for insurance claims to be processed, so getting in touch with your insurance provider immediately will aid in speeding the procedure. Make sure you keep receipts for any costs that you must cover that are not covered by your insurance claim, like hotel stay or repair costs. Some expenses may qualify for reimbursement later.

The best way to avoid further harm is by taking the necessary steps

Your insurance policy will only cover damage that is caused by storms so you need to take further precautions to prevent additional destruction to your property. Cover your home with a tarp in case of water leaks. The dehumidifier can be used to remove the excess humidity in your home if you have the power. It can stop the growth of mold and spread across your home.

It’s also recommended for you to walk out and examine your gutters. Clogged gutters can block rainwater from draining off the roof. This may cause foundation damage and basement flooding. Make sure your gutters are cleaned and get rid of any debris that may result in a second clog.

Also, you should board up windows as well as doors as well. It’s possible to secure your windows using plywood or you can use cardboard to do the job. Be sure to wear