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Here are some information about countertops

The first is the cost. Quartz is usually, but not always, a little more expensive than granite according to the quality of the stone. Quartz is much cheaper than marble , but it is more expensive than solid surfaces or laminates. The next thing you should know is how they are created and what effect it has on the material. Quartz counters are produced using resin in combination with stone. It is shiny and hard and similar to granite. Quartz is an engineered or artificial stone. Quartzite is 95 percent of its composition, and polymer resins are five percent. Quartz is essentially 95 % natural. other stones are 100 percent naturally occurring.

Marble, quartzite and granite are among the best countertop materials. Quartzite is among the strongest and long-lasting one of the four. They are scratch-resistant and heat resistant. But, they’re not invincible and you will still require proper handling. wnpnl22e52.